What We Do

We are a non profit organization dedicated to helping families who have lost a child to pay for final arrangements.

Our Board Members

Cuz We Care, Inc.

Why We Do This

Our family has faced the sudden loss of two infants and we want to help others who find themselves in such a difficult situation.

In 2004, our family lost Nathan Riley Briemann to SUDI (Sudden Unexplained Death of an Infant). In 2009, Nathan's cousin, Michael Caldwell Guzik, passed away from the same syndrome. The loss of these babies was heartbreaking for all us and we miss them dearly. In spite of this devastating blow to our family, we were humbled and astounded at the generosity of friends, families and even strangers. Most young families are unprepared for the cost involved in providing their loved one with a proper burial. Life insurance is not something that most people think they'll ever need for their child. Had we not received so much help from others, we would not have been able to pay for their funerals. The goal of our organization is to provide financial assistance to others who find themselves in this position and need help to bury their child or to support their families while they struggle in the immediate aftermath of their loss.

Deb Guzik,


Karie Johnson,

Vice President

Stacy Connell,


Tina Briemann,


Help us Help families like ours, even the smallest donations sometimes make the biggest differences. 


ALL proceeds go directly to families in need of assistance.